clevercleanCleverClean is our Computer Maintenance & Repair product. Our multi-point inspection process allows us to quickly and effectively determine the root cause of the issue. This saves us time, and most importantly, it saves you money. We don’t want to spend unnecessary time poking around looking for a solution in the wrong place. Our years of experience and industry-leading tools ensure it’s done right. This service combines steps from several of our products into one streamlined process. Additionally designed for customers looking for quarterly, annually, or decennial maintenance on their computer(s) without trying to fix any specific issue, it is also ideal for customers looking to fix several nagging issues. Our streamlined process includes Windows tweaking and general performance improvements along with elements from CleverProtect, specifically virus and spyware removal.


Be careful when downloading applications that claim to offer speed improvements or tune-ups. Often, these applications are actually viruses designed to give strangers access to your computer and precious files. Even worst, some may result in your computer being hijacked and inaccessible, held for ransom.