cleverguardCleverGuard is our Data Backup & Recovery product.

Data Backup

Disaster can happen and you need to be prepared. With the rapid and dramatic drop in hardware costs over the last few years, there are no more excuses for not having a proper backup solution.

Along with the rest of our industry, we recommend following the “rule of 3″ approach to data backup. Have 3 copies of any files you care about, in 2 different formats, with 1 of them offsite. A solution that follows this “rule of 3″ can be implemented for as little as $5 a month for a business or $2 a month for home users and very low optional upfront costs.

Clever IT recommends Backblaze and Backblaze for Business, but several other options exist and can be discussed. Clever IT is a Backblaze partner.


Did you know you can purchase large external hard drives for as low as $50? Using an external hard drive and software built in to both Windows and Apple computers can make for a very inexpensive backup solution. While it doesn’t necessarily meet the “rule of 3″, it’ s a great start!

Data Recovery

Data corruption is a very common problem facing people very day. From power outages to inexplicable errors, losing access to your data is an uncomfortable ordeal. In many cases, data recovery can be done even if your computer is no longer starting properly or displays errors upon boot. Our initial diagnosis will determine the health of the drive and based on that we will advise you of your options. The moment we believe there may be physical damage to your hard drive, we stop work immediately and discuss your options to ensure no further damage occurs.


While there are many applications that claim to recover files, be very careful. Further damage can occur depending on the condition of your hard drive. When in doubt, shutdown your computer and call a professional. It may end up costing you less than that piece of software you are looking at.