cleverprotectCleverProtect is our Antivirus product that includes virus & spyware removal as well as software installation. Using industry leading tools, we thoroughly examine your computer for any unwanted programs and discuss our findings with you. We take the time to explain what each virus is capable of doing and walk you through the steps to help limit the chances of reinfection. Proper protection isn’t just about virus removal, it’s about education. And while we appreciate your business, we want to empower all our customers to ensure they don’t need to call us again for virus removal.


Many new computers are bundled with an antivirus solution that is only licensed for a short period, usually 1 month. Once it expires, it is important for you to decide on a solution quickly. When a product expires, it is usually unable to download new updates and in some cases ceases functioning altogether. These updates are important; they tell the software how to detect the latest malware.