The Case for Prevention-First

Prevention products that rely on signatures cannot keep pace with today’s fast-changing attacks, leaving security teams wading through a sea of alerts daily. Finding the critical security issues is near impossible, leaving attackers to run rampant across the business.

Prevention-first security can significantly reduce the number of alerts generated by the security stack, decreasing the burden and  frustration associated with endless alert investigations that lead nowhere.

With ThreatRaid preventing malware, malicious scripts, rogue applications, and fileless attacks from harming the business, BrainStorm, powered by CylanceOPTICS provides the artificial intelligence (AI) powered EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) capabilities required to keep data and businesses secure.

BrainStorm is an EDR solution designed to extend the threat prevention delivered by ThreatRaid by using AI to identify and prevent security incidents. Unlike other EDR products that are difficult to deploy, hard to maintain, and even harder to use, BrainStorm:

  • Can be installed on any endpoint in minutes with no hardware or expensive data streaming required
  • Enables zero-latency detection and response by storing and analyzing data locally on the endpoint without needing constant updates
  • Delivers self-contained, automated, machine learning threat detection modules designed to uncover threats that would be difficult to find with static behavior rules

BrainStorm, working with ThreatRaid, delivers the detection and prevention capabilities needed to stay ahead of the attackers, keeping the business secure.

Common Cases

Prevent Malicious Activity

ThreatRaid, which provides the foundation for BrainStorm, is designed to specifically prevent successful attacks aimed at endpoints.

Investigate Attack and Alert Data

We can investigate alerts from other security controls, including ThreatRaid, with easy to understand visualizations of all activities associated with the alert, retrieving useful information from the endpoint.

Hunt for Threats Across the Business

Wecan quickly search for files, executables, hash values, and other IOCs across the entirety of their network endpoints to uncover
hidden threats.

Rapid, Automated Incident Response

We can retrieve critical forensic information from impacted endpoints, as well as take aggressive containment actions when a harmful endpoint is discovered. BrainStorm also can automatically trigger response actions if a pre-defined rule is triggered.

The Benefits of BrainStorm

Reduce Alert Volume

Reduce security alert volume with full-spectrum threat and incident prevention, improving team efficiency

Gain Situational Awareness

Understand the attack surface across the environment, eliminating potential weaknesses

Relieve the Strain on Security Teams

Automate responses to identified threats 24x7, without disrupting the security team

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