Technology is Our

Clever IT started with a simple idea; bring enterprise-level service and technology to businesses and home users.

That's right, all of our services are completely contract-free and most are only monthly commitments. We keep clients the old fashioned way; great service!

There is no need to be tied to your IT solutions provider because they hold all the keys. We share the keys with our clients and allow you to have access to everything we have.

Because we share everything with you, your satisfaction is directly tied to our success.

Who We Are

Clever IT is the realization of a vision that started over 15 years ago. Over those years, technology has advanced at an incredibly quick pace, bringing with it exciting tools and services. Perhaps more importantly, it has provided the companies who specialize in this industry with ground-breaking information and technology to support those clients; but only if they choose to use it.

Our experience has taught us that to be successful in this business, we must invest heavily in the tools and services to properly support our clients. We simply cannot expect our clients to embrace and utilize technology if we are not prepared to make the very same commitment. To that end, we use only the latest tools and advanced solutions to service our clients.

Clients rely on us for a large array of products and services, from computer maintenance & repair to more advanced consulting on long-term projects. We also help our clients identify and deploy data backup solutions, find and choose the right web hosting environment, and design and launch affordable websites.

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