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To Our Valued Clients,

Microsoft recently announced a worldwide price increase for its Microsoft 365 product line.  If you are reading this, you likely have a Microsoft 365 subscription with us.  As your Microsoft Partner, we are here to help you navigate all ongoing changes around your subscriptions with us. This is one of the primary benefits of using a partner. We have also recorded a webinar that you can view at the bottom of this page that will go over this information in more detail.

Effective March 1st, 2022, the following Microsoft 365 Products will have their prices increased:
(Your invoices will reflect new pricing on and after this date unless moved to an Annual NCE Agreement before the end of February.)

  • Enterprise:

Office 365 E1: C$12.80 (from C$10.24),

Office 365 E3: C$30.60 (from C$26.60),

Office 365 E5: C$50.60 (from C$46.60),

Microsoft 365 E3: C$47.90 (from C$42.60).

  • SMB:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic: C$7.70 (from C$6.40),

Microsoft 365 Business Premium: C$28.20 (from C$25.60).

  • Please note: Microsoft is NOT changing pricing for Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft Business Standard, or the Frontline SKUs at this time. Please note this price change DOES impact all public sector customers, worldwide.

Additional changes from Microsoft as part of the New Commerce Experience:

  • Monthly subscriptions WILL BE subject to an additional 20% fee on top of the existing 15% price increase.  This additional 20% fee is being imposed by Microsoft as a “premium” to continue to have any subscriptions on a monthly commitment (which provides the ability for an organization to remove licenses or cancel a subscription by the end of every month without penalty).
  • Annual subscriptions and monthly subscriptions CAN be mixed-and-matched.
  • Annual agreements WILL NOT BE subject to the additional 20% fee.
  • Annual agreements must be honored in full, regardless of any circumstances that might arise during that annual term (such as the need to remove licenses or cancel a subscription). Annual agreements can be paid in full upfront, or monthly.
  • If you enter an annual agreement before March 1st, the current prices will be honored for the next 12 months!
  • Clients who are currently on a month-by-month commitment, which will be subject to a 20% “premium” to continue this type of commitment on / after June 1st, 2022.

We want to thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.  We are working with our partners and vendors to better understand these changes that Microsoft is enforcing on their Microsoft 365 Clients (you) and their Cloud Solution Partners (us).  Please note that this is very fluid, and Microsoft can opt to change their stance on all this (for the better or worse) at any time.  If / when we hear any other details, we will be sure to forward them onwards!

We understand that this price and agreement term change might change how you add / remove licensing based on your needs.  As always, you are encouraged to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you as always for allowing us to be part of your IT journey!


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